Dead Weight: Learn to Let It Go
"This is, in fact, a romance story disguised as horror, adding an emotional level
that most horror films lack."

Killer Reviews

"[Co-directors] Pata and Bartlett boldly ask the audience to grow up, and to
embrace the idea that a movie doesn't have to show intestines being eaten
in order to rip your heart out."

Kicking The Seat

"This micro-budget goes where its big budget brethren never could."
Down Right Creepy

"A dark, unforgiving character piece."


Dead Weight is a feature length independent film produced entirely within the state of Wisconsin. The production was written and directed by long time friends, and Oshkosh natives, Adam Bartlett and John Pata between late 2009 and early 2012. The filmmakers' goal has always been to create a work that draws on the many skills of Wisconsin residents and place a spotlight upon those abilities. Bartlett and Pata have been adamant in their belief that with sincerity and wholehearted faith in the project an individual or group may assemble the resources to do great things without reaching far beyond their home region. Dead Weight is their testament to this belief and to the strong D.I.Y. ethics Bartlett and Pata have been subscribed to their entire adult lives. They believe there are great things to be done with the love, support, and energy of those close to you. This film is a product of that very energy.


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Adam and John have a long history of working both together and independently on successful creative projects. Adam's record label, Gilead Media, continues to flourish going into its sixth year, finding great success while working honestly and passionately with creative bands from across the spectrum of heavy music. Adam also spent five years working for an independent music distributor, becoming Sales & Marketing director before moving on to co-found a new music distribution company.

John has experienced a great deal of success with his first film, Better Off Undead, which he self financed, released and distributed in 2007. Better Off Undead screened nationally, in addition to a weeklong theatrical run in West Bend, WI. The film received numerous positive reviews on a national and international basis. These coming from Italy, Germany and an Australian site where it was the first independent film reviewed in the history of the podcast. This level of attention to a $700 film can be attributed to John's dedication to the horror genre and his passion to succeed in every project with which he is involved. This has also allowed John to build a solid network of contacts within the independent film community.

Adam and John also worked cooperatively for two years to organize Infection: The Oshkosh Zombie Walk. This event was produced with the support of local and international sponsors to raise money for the local non-profit Time Community Theater. The most recent Zombie Walk, held on September 4th, 2010, drew over a thousand attendees to downtown Oshkosh and was the largest fundraiser in the history of the theater at that time.

Adam and John hope to produce future film projects together while continuing to draw from the skill pool of Wisconsin residents, all the while focusing on placing a spotlight on Wisconsin as a creative center.

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